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Australian stock ranges

At Desso we understand that there can be requirements for product in a hurry, to meet deadlines for urgent projects. That’s why we’ve invested in stock holdings that are here, and ready for your project. With colours stocked in quantities up to 5,000 square metres, no project is too big or too small for immediate supply.

These stocks can be supplied quickly, often within 24 hours of your order, if need be.
These stocks represent a good cross section of our ranges, in popular designer patterning and colours. As with all Desso products they represent high quality and exceptional value. All carry our minimum ten (10) or fifteen (15) year warranties.

Desso products represent real environmental worth. Globally, they are designed and manufactured in accord with 'Cradle to Cradle' principles, locally, we use the highly regarded Ecospecifier GreenTag certification system. Click here for more information about the Ecospecifier GreenTag certification system.

So whatever your need for that quick turn project, these products are here and ready.
Contact your local Desso representative for all details and pricing.

DESSO Airmaster®

DESSO AirMaster® marries great innovation and performance with strong design to boost health and wellbeing in offices, schools, healthcare environments and other public buildings. Its patented technology has been proven to reduce the concentration of fine dust in the air four times more effectively than regular carpets and eight times more effectively than hard floors*. The structured loop pile carpet tile is available in 18 block and six combination colours as standard of which we have 4 colours in stock in Australia. An online app allows designers to create their own AirMaster®.

> Download specifications (pdf)

* Based on tests performed by GUI, with DESSO AirMaster® versus standard PVC hardfloor and versus standard structured loop pile carpet.

SW Airmaster 2914 SW_AirMaster_9084.jpg SW_AirMaster_9502.jpg SW_AirMaster_9511.jpg
Airmaster 2914 Airmaster 9084 Airmaster 9502 Airmaster 9511



Hard-wearing and highly functional, Essence forms part of a collection of carpets designed with affordable excellence in mind. A professional, smart-looking tile, the DESSO Essence plain tile is available in 24 block colours, which seamlessly combines with Essence Stripe, Structure and Maze, providing unprecedented creative design opportunities. With its plain level loop pile structure, and a strong line of commercial colours, this product goes back to the pure essence of a flooring product. Of the 24 block colours, we have 4 colours in stock in Australia. 

> Download specifications (pdf)

SW_Essence_8501 SW_Essence_9501 SW_Essence_9990 SW_Essence_9990
Essence 8501 Essence 9501 Essence 9980 Essence 9990


Essence Stripe

The DESSO Essence carpet tile collection is a premium quality product, minus the premium price. Ideally suited to a commercial setting, Essence Stripe adds a sense of playfulness: boosting a linear design with stripes in varying thicknesses and contemporary colours. The low level loop pile tile has a strong commercial base, with anthracites, greys and beiges, as well as more vibrant shades of as red, orange, blue and purple. We have 2 contemporary colours of this collection in stock in Australia. Each colour can be combined with one or two from the Essence range for endless opportunities in creative flooring designs. 

> Download specifications (pdf)

SW_Essence Stripe_9501 SW_Essence Stripe_9990
Essence Stripe 9501 Essence Stripe 9990


Essence Maze

Essence Maze produces stunning geometric patterns in a variety of colours - from anthracite greys and taupey browns, to eye-catching red, green and navy blue. Granting endless design possibilities, the individual tiles can be installed at random to striking effect. Part of the classic Essence Collection, it compliments Essence and Essence Stripe perfectly to offer high quality flooring at an affordable price. We have 2 colours of the Essence Maze collection in stock in Australia. 

> Download specifications (pdf)

SW_Essence Maze_9990 SW_Essence Maze_2921
Essence Maze 2921 Essence Maze 9990

Essence Structure

Moving away from the geometricity of Essence Stripe and Essence Maze, Essence Structure takes on a more organic form, with an infinite series of fading lines. Part of the Materials in Touch collection, the 'stone-washed' look is achieved through the juxtaposition of light and dark tones of colour. Neutral beiges and greys create a subtle but interesting effect, while more vibrant options make for statement flooring. Each of the 12 colours of Essence Structure can be combined with one or two colours of the Essence range for endless opportunities in creative floor designs. Out of the 12 colours we have 3 colours in stock in Australia. 

> Download specifications (pdf)

SW_Essence Structure_9501 SW_Essence Structure_8802 SW_Essence Structure_2051
Essence Structure 9501 Essence Structure 8802 Essence Structure 2051



Grids is a tufted structured loop pile carpet tile with a subtle organic linearity which helps to visually subdivide and remove the anonymity of large interior spaces. Part of the Patterns@Play collection, Grids has a strong base of neutral tones complemented with more expressive colours in a refined combination of matt and lustrous metallic yarns. It is available in 12 shades and is silver Cradle to Cradle® certified as it's supplied with EcoBase™ backing as standard. Australia has 4 shades in stock for immediate delivery. 

> Download specifications (pdf)

SW_Grids_2915 SW_Grids_9013 SW_Grids_9503 SW_Grids_2913
Grids 2915 Grids 9013 Grids 9503 Grids 2913


Reclaim Ribs

Drawing inspiration from natural materials such as bark and earth, Reclaim Ribs is a structured loop pile with a subtle rib effect. Highly tactile with an irregular character, the carpet tile has a beautiful, organic fluidity that makes it ideal for natural and rich floor designs. It boasts a selection of neutral and striking colours to create either complimentary relaxing or contrasting and expressive interiors. All colours in the collection contain ECONYL® yarn of which 2 colours in stock in Australia. 

> Download specifications (pdf)

SW_Reclaim Ribs_9501 SW_Reclaim Ribs_9094
Reclaim Ribs 9501 Reclaim Ribs 9094



Imitating the tactile character of fashion fabrics, Tweed's all-over two directional design provides a carpet solution that gives endless options to create distinct and calm floors. The combination of dense yarn fused with the random intertwining of thin black thread gives this carpet tile a flexible, tactile structure. Tweed is available in 13 colours,of which 3 colours in stock in Australia,  with a strong core of neutral colours; brighter red, blue and yellow tones bring liveliness to the range that forms part of the Materials in Touch collection. Tweed is a Silver Cradle to Cradle® certified carpet tile as it's supplied  with EcoBase™ backing as standard.

> Download specifications (pdf)

SW_Tweed_2924 SW_Tweed_8823 SW_Tweed_9501
Tweed 2924 Tweed 8823 Tweed 9501


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